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Heidi Meier

Heidi has been involved in the nail industry since 2003 and has been actively doing nails since 2007. In 2013 she relocated back to Minnesota from Indiana, where she also owned and operated her first successful nail studio. Always looking to continue her education, she has trained with award-winning techs, and is always on the hunt for the classes that will improve your experience. Heidi strives to bring you the new and upcoming nail trends while staying grounded with the classics. While she enjoys doing all nail services, her real passion is acrylic nail enhancements, where her natural creativity shines through. Heidi’s continuing education focus is specializing in custom acrylic enhancements, with great attention to detail, allowing her to create a set of quality nails made just for you…

Heidi also goes above and beyond state regulations by using a medical grade autoclave for all of her implements. She also uses single use files and buffers that are disposed of after each use. Have a question about anything? Just ask!

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